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Discovering new growth areas, analyzing better revenue streams and finding more efficient and effective data analytics has become commonplace for accounting professionals as client advisory services (CAS) grows in importance. Firms are looking for more ways to expand their advisory arms and enhance their client relations. 

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NJCPA and Third-Party Events

August 5, 2024Live Webcast
September 3, 2024Live Webcast
September 11, 2024Live Webcast
September 19, 2024Live Webcast
October 24, 2024Live Webcast
November 14, 2024Live Webcast
December 2, 2024Live Webcast
December 11, 2024Live Webcast
January 14, 2025Live Webcast
February 7, 2025Live Webcast
March 19, 2025Live Webcast
April 17, 2025Live Webcast