NJCPA Conferences

We've transitioned our popular full-day conferences to virtual events this year. Click on each event title for more information and to register.

8/5/21Cannabis Conference

This new, full-day conference will provide updates on the adult-use cannabis industry and must-know information for CPAs looking to serve cannabis clients in any part of the supply chain. Topics will include banking, finance, insurance and payroll concerns and options; legal hot topics; and tax issues including IRC §280E.

8:00-4:00 PM EDTLive Webcast
9/1/21Advisory Services Conference

As you start or grow an advisory services practice, this conference will help you identify the largest opportunities for growth and driving value for clients, including pricing strategies, service offerings, technology capabilities and talent resources. Gain proven strategies and new insights to evolve your business model, maximize revenue opportunities and strengthen your position in the marketplace.

10:30-4:00 PM EDTLive Webcast
9/21/21Business Valuation and Litigation Services Conference

This annual conference is the best way to build broad expertise in valuations and litigation support and stay current on developments impacting your services. Gain the know how to produce accurate, thorough and meaningful results for clients.

8:00-4:00 PM EDTLive Webcast
9/23/21Surgent's Individual Tax Camp

Each year brings its own set of tax planning challenges, and this year is no exception. This course aims to arm tax planners with strategies and ideas that wealthy clients, and middle-income clients, need to consider right now to take advantage of present opportunities and plan for future tax advantages.

9:00-4:30 PM EDTLive Webcast
10/22/21Surgent's Federal Tax Camp

Tax practitioners have been hard-pressed to keep up with changes brought about by the CARES Act and the SECURE Act, not to mention the far-reaching changes of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Get fully updated on the most important legislative and regulatory developments of the season as well as major trends and changes in the case law, with a view toward planning considerations.

9:00-4:30 PM EDTLive Webcast
10/27/21Emerging Technologies Conference

Explore some of the latest digital advances that have the potential to boost efficiency, decrease errors, safeguard integrity and generate new insights on accounting and tax work. Join us to discuss accounting transformations, including processes, software, trends and more.

8:00-12:00 PM EDTLive Webcast
11/4/21Personal Financial Planning Conference

This conference provides accounting and financial professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools to broaden their practice in the area of financial planning by learning about current economic factors, best practices in retirement planning, ways to broaden their client base, and how to implement actions behind new tax laws.

7:45-4:00 PM EDTLive Webcast
11/9/21Accounting and Auditing Conference

This year’s conference focuses on challenges that the coronavirus presents on compilation, review and audit services, including full-disclosure financial statements and performing audits remotely. In addition, recently issued audit standards and FASB updates that impact 2021 audits and financial reporting will be discussed.

8:30-4:30 PM ESTLive Webcast
11/19/21Multistate Tax Conference

New Jersey and surrounding states confront significant legislative updates affecting income, sales and use, and corporate taxes. Learn the latest developments, including significant attention to pass through entity taxes, e.g., BAIT (NJ), PTET (NY), PA and others.

8:00-4:00 PM ESTLive Webcast
12/2/21Nonprofit Conference

Nonprofit organizations are grappling with a recovering economy and increasingly complex compliance and regulations.

8:00-4:00 PM ESTLive Webcast