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PlacementOnline for two monthsOne issue of New Jersey CPA magazineOne issue of New Jersey CPA & two months onlineThree issues of New Jersey CPA & six months onlineSix issues of New Jersey CPA & one year online
Words included1-25
Each additional word to 75 word maximum$1$3$6
Bolding per word$1$3$6
Boxed border$20$60$120
Shaded box$35$105$210
Confidential file 1$12$30$60
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New Jersey CPA is a bi-monthly publication that reaches 14,500 CPAs throughout New Jersey. It keeps members informed of important developments impacting the CPA profession and alerts CPAs to the major activities of and services available through the Society. It offers tools and resources for building a business and expanding skill sets.

Our website,, offers members and non-members immediate access to the most up-to-date information - including your classified ad.

New Jersey CPA:

  • January/February issue - November 15
  • March/April issue - January 15
  • May/June issue - March 15
  • July/August issue - May 15
  • September/October issue - July 15
  • November/December issue - September 15

If the submission date falls on a weekend/holiday, it is the next business day. Ads are posted within two business days of submission. Ads will remain on the site for two months. (Ad can be removed at your request before the end of the two-month period, but the fee will not change.)

Ads must be submitted exactly as they are to appear.

What constitutes a "word"?
First name, last name, middle initials, initials and abbreviations (i.e. CPA, Esq., P.C.), abbreviated words, salary or price, phone number with area code, each word in a city name, state abbreviation (i.e. NJ is one word; New Jersey is two words), zip code. Hyphens and slashes create two words (i.e. well-versed; small/medium), file and number are two words (i.e. "Reply to File 100" is four words), post office box and number are three words (i.e. P.O. Box 968).

Publisher's Copy Protection Clause
Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for all content (including text, representation and illustrations) of advertisements, and responsibility for claims arising herefrom made against the publisher. The New Jersey Society of CPAs reserves the right to reject paid advertising that does not meet the NJCPA qualifications or which may detract from its professional and ethical standards.