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NJCPA Legislative Priorities

Below is the key legislation the NJCPA is tracking. Click each item for further information.

  • Implement a cap on appeal bonds

  • Change the due date of New Jersey transfer inheritance tax payments

  • Provide IRC Section 1202 incentives at the state level in New Jersey

  • Encourage local governments to use shared services and consolidations

  • Require businesses with information technology contracts with the state to install software to track time worked

  • Create a New Jersey Revenue Advisory Board

  • Simplify the New Jersey Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

  • Index New Jersey income tax brackets to inflation

  • Provide relief to the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund

  • Provide an income tax exclusion for retirement plans

  • Decouple New Jersey from IRC Section 280E to help small cannabis businesses be profitable

  • Change sexual harassment laws

  • Allow tax deduction for cosigners of New Jersey-issued student loans

  • Require registration of private education lenders; establish protections for private education borrowers

  • Educate high school students about student loan debt



Contact Jeff Kaszerman at jkaszerman@njcpa.org or 862-702-5610.

Do You Know a New Jersey Legislator?

The NJCPA plays a critical role protecting the CPA profession in the New Jersey Legislature. No group has more impact on your ability to practice your profession than the Governor and the members of the Legislature. One of the most powerful methods we use to influence this group is through direct contacts made by CPAs who have existing relationships with a lawmaker(s). 

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