Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Knowledge Hub

For decades, the accounting profession has pursued diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives to create opportunities for all to feel welcome, valued and critical to serving the public interest. Yet, progress is inconsistent at best.

Review our collection of articles, events and resources below to find out how individual CPAs, firms and companies can make an impact on closing the diversity gap in the accounting profession. 




NJCPA and Third-Party Events

December 15, 2022Live Webcast
December 16, 2022Live Webcast
December 23, 2022Live Webcast
February 13, 2023Live Webcast
February 20, 2023Live Webcast
March 16, 2023Live Webcast
March 20, 2023Live Webcast
April 18, 2023Live Webcast
April 20, 2023Live Webcast