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March 30, 2023Live Webcast
March 31, 2023Live Webcast
April 7, 2023Live Webcast
April 11, 2023Live Webcast
April 18, 2023Live Webcast
April 20, 2023Live Webcast
April 24, 2023Live Webcast
April 25, 2023Live Webcast
April 27, 2023Live Webcast
May 5, 2023Live Webcast
May 17, 2023Live Webcast
May 27, 2023Live Webcast
August 21 - 23, 2023Atlantic City
September 15, 2023Live Webcast
September 26 - 27, 2023Live Webcast
November 3, 2023Live Webcast
December 4, 2023Roseland & Live Webcast
December 12, 2023Live Webcast
February 26, 2024Live Webcast


    Earn the AICPA Forensic Accounting Certificate
    Learn the core material in professional standards that applies to forensic engagements and gain a solid understanding of how to work within the court system when engaged as a forensic accountant.
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    Find an Attorney
    The Attorney Recommendations page pulls together attorney referrals from NJCPA members on the Open Forum for the past few years.
    Join the Forensic and Valuation Services Community
    Join this community of NJCPA members who are committed to sharpening and sharing their knowledge of both fundamental and emerging issues in business valuation and forensic accounting services, including family law, negotiation and alternative methods of dispute resolution.