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In no time in the history of accounting has data analytics become more crucial to advancing the profession forward than the present. Manipulating data in more effective ways has become the norm. Artificial intelligence is increasingly being tapped. Advances in tax software and data storage and capture are enhancing day-to-day operations and improving the audit function.

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NJCPA and Third-Party Events

July 2, 2024Live Webcast
July 19, 2024Live Webcast
July 24, 2024Live Webcast
August 6, 2024Live Webcast
August 7, 2024Live Webcast
August 27, 2024Live Webcast
August 28, 2024Live Webcast
September 4, 2024Live Webcast
September 9, 2024Live Webcast
September 17, 2024Live Webcast
September 19, 2024Live Webcast
September 24, 2024Live Webcast
October 1, 2024Live Webcast
October 7, 2024Live Webcast
October 25, 2024Live Webcast
October 25, 2024Live Webcast
November 8, 2024Live Webcast
November 8, 2024Live Webcast
November 9, 2024Live Webcast
November 19, 2024Live Webcast
November 25, 2024Live Webcast
December 4, 2024Live Webcast
December 11, 2024Live Webcast
December 12, 2024Live Webcast
December 13, 2024Live Webcast
December 21, 2024Live Webcast
December 21, 2024Live Webcast
December 26, 2024Live Webcast
January 15, 2025Live Webcast
January 16, 2025Live Webcast
January 28, 2025Live Webcast
January 31, 2025Live Webcast
February 3, 2025Live Webcast
February 15, 2025Live Webcast
February 25, 2025Live Webcast
February 28, 2025Live Webcast
March 10, 2025Live Webcast
March 21, 2025Live Webcast
March 24, 2025Live Webcast
April 1, 2025Live Webcast
April 9, 2025Live Webcast
April 16, 2025Live Webcast
May 10, 2025Live Webcast
May 30, 2025Live Webcast
June 9, 2025Live Webcast
June 16, 2025Live Webcast
June 26, 2025Live Webcast


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