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NJCPA and Third-Party Events

September 28, 2023Live Webcast
October 3, 2023Live Webcast
October 10, 2023Live Webcast
October 19, 2023Live Webcast
October 27, 2023East Hanover
November 2, 2023Live Webcast
November 17, 2023Webcast Replay
November 21, 2023Live Webcast
December 4, 2023Live Webcast
December 8, 2023Live Webcast
December 14, 2023Live Webcast
December 22, 2023Live Webcast
December 28, 2023Live Webcast
January 3, 2024Live Webcast
February 5, 2024Live Webcast
February 14, 2024Live Webcast
February 17, 2024Live Webcast
February 29, 2024Live Webcast
March 28, 2024Live Webcast
April 11, 2024Live Webcast
April 25, 2024Live Webcast
May 18, 2024Live Webcast
May 30, 2024Live Webcast


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    Mergers & Acquisitions Classified Ads
    View classified ad postings from CPA firms looking to be acquired and those looking to acquire or merge with other firms.
    Whitman Transition Advisors
    Get customized solutions for strategic focus and growth — including merger and acquisition, talent acquisition and practice management consulting — from Whitman Transition Advisors.
    Merchant Advocate
    Merchant Advocate saves you money WITHOUT switching credit card processors. There are no upfront costs; they're paid from savings they achieve for you.