CPAs recognize that the profession is hot, the advantages are clear and there are no limits to the career opportunities. We now need to share this reality with tomorrow’s CPAs. Here's how:

This year more than ever, it is important to enrich a student’s learning experience. Please consider making a career presentation virtually. Members can work with educators to set up a meeting via the meeting platform of their choice to make a presentation to students. We also offer prerecorded presentations that teachers can use if meeting platforms are not available. We will still offer members presentation tools, including a script and Power Point slides.

You already know that the CPA career path is rewarding and full of opportunities. Now you have the chance to spread the word to tomorrow’s CPAs.


The sign-up period for 2020/21 is over. Please check back in September 2021 to sign up for the 2021/22 school year.


Contact Pam Isenburg at pisenburg@ or 862-702-5641.