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Date Event City Credits
7/15/19 Assisting Survivors: CPA’s Role in the Decedent’s Estate Iselin 8.00/TX
7/16/19 Income Taxation of Trust & Estates: Planning and Preparation of Form 1041 Iselin 8.00/TX
7/17/19 Applying Professional Skepticism in an Audit/ Fraud and Cash Receipts: Common Frauds and Internal Controls Roseland 8.00/AA
7/17/19 Accounting & Auditing Standards Interest Group Meeting & Technical Session Edison 1.50/AA
7/18/19 New Jersey Law and Ethics Paramus 4.00/PE
7/18/19 Construction Contractors: Accounting, Auditing and Tax Iselin 5.00/AA, 3.00/TX
7/18/19 Hot Topics: The State of Cybersecurity in the Profession Webcast 1.50/SK
7/18/19 Federal Taxation Interest Group Meeting and Technical Session Roseland 2.00/TX
7/22/19 Financial Statement Fraud and New Jersey Law and Ethics Mount Laurel 4.00/AA, 4.00/PE
7/23/19 State Tax Interest Group Meeting and Technical Session Roseland 3.00/TX
7/24/19 Audit Workpapers: Documenting and Reviewing Field Work Iselin 8.00/AA
7/25/19 Annual Update and Practice Issues for Preparation, Compilation, and Review Engagements Iselin 8.00/AA
7/25/19 International Taxation Roseland 8.00/TX
7/26/19 Taxation of Individuals Living Abroad and Foreign Nationals Living in the U.S. Iselin 8.00/TX
8/8/19 Slashing Taxes for Your Small Business Clients: Corporations, Partnerships, & LLCs Roseland 8.00/TX
8/8/19 CPAs/Bankers Cocktail Reception - Aboard the River Queen Brielle
8/9/19 Integrating Audit Data Analytics into the Audit ProcessNew Location - The Wilshire Grand, W. Orange West Orange 8.00/AA
8/9/19 Multistate Income TaxNew Location - The Wilshire Grand, W. Orange West Orange 8.00/TX
8/14/19 New Jersey Law and Ethics Webinar Webcast 4.00/PE
8/15/19 Hot Topics: Personal Growth Webcast 1.50/PD
Atlantic City CPE Cluster Atlantic City 24.00/MC *
8/19/19 The Small Firm of the Future Atlantic City 8.00/SK
8/21/19 Accounting & Auditing Standards Interest Group Meeting & Technical Session Edison 1.50/AA
8/22/19 Construction Contractors Advanced Issues Iselin 8.00/AA
8/22/19 Governmental Accounting & Auditing Interest Group Meeting & Technical Session Robbinsville 2.00/AA
8/23/19 Accounting and Auditing Update for Small Businesses Iselin 8.00/AA
8/26/19 CFO Series: Financial Leadership Roseland 8.00/MT
8/29/19 This Year's Best Income Tax, Estate Tax, and Financial Planning Ideas Roseland 8.00/TX
8/29/19 Not-for-Profit Financial Reporting: Mastering the Unique Requirements Iselin 8.00/AA
8/30/19 Real-World Fraud Found in Governments and Not-for-Profits Iselin 8.00/AA

* Represents only a possible credit amount due to multi-session optional packages. Actual credit amount is based on the sessions you attend.

To provide additional learning opportunities, the NJCPA has partnered with several leading CPE providers. For your convenience, you can register for these events on You will receive additional information and participation instructions directly from the provider.

Date Event Location Credits
7/15/19 Audits of 401(k) Plans: New Developments and Critical Issues Webcast 8.00/AA
7/15/19 The Best Federal Tax Update Course by Surgent  Webcast 8.00/TX
7/15/19 Preparing Not-for-Profit Financial Statements Under ASU No. 2016-14 Webcast 8.00/AA
7/15/19 Surgent's Annual Tax-Planning Guide for S Corporations, Partnerships, and LLCs Webcast 8.00/TX
7/15/19 Ethics for Tax Professionals Webcast 2.00/PE
7/15/19 Understanding How the IRS Rewards Whistleblowers Webcast 2.00/TX
7/16/19 Accounting for Financial Instruments: Making Sense of the FASB’S New Guidance on Impairment, Hedging, and Financial Assets and Liabilities Webcast 4.00/AA
7/16/19 Social Security and Medicare: Planning for You and Your Clients Webcast 8.00/TX
7/16/19 Controllership Skills Update: Risk Management Webcast 1.00/AA, 1.00/MT
7/17/19 The Best Individual Income Tax Update Course by Surgent Webcast 8.00/TX
7/17/19 Compilations, Reviews, and Preparations: Engagement Performance and Annual Update Webcast 8.00/AA
7/17/19 How to Split Retirement Accounts as Part of a Divorce Settlement Webcast 2.00/TX
7/17/19 QuickBooks Online Accountant Tools and Features Webcast 2.00/OT
7/17/19 Successful Communication Webcast 4.00/MT
7/17/19 QuickBooks Desktop Software: New Features and Trends to be Aware Of  Webcast 2.00/OT
7/17/19 Section 754 Step-Up in Basis: Understanding the Tax Issues for Partnerships and LLCs  Webcast 2.00/TX
7/18/19 Industry Accountant Toolkit Webcast 8.00/AA
7/18/19 Surgent's Individual and Financial-Planning Tax Camp Webcast 8.00/TX
7/18/19 Latest Developments in Government and Nonprofit Accounting and Auditing Webcast 8.00/AA
7/18/19 Surgent's Handbook for Mastering Basis, Distributions, and Loss Limitation Issues for S Corporations, LLCs, and Partnerships  Webcast 8.00/TX
7/18/19 Examining the New Lease Accounting Standard: More Than Meets the Eye Webcast 4.00/AA
7/18/19 Guide to Calculating S Corporation Stock Basis and Creating and Maintaining Basis Worksheets Webcast 2.00/TX
7/18/19 Use the Data Model to Build More Powerful PivotTables Webcast 2.00/OT
7/18/19 Excel Shortcuts for Accountants Webcast 2.00/OT
7/18/19 Mastering Accounting for Income Taxes  Webcast 4.00/AA
7/18/19 IRS Tax Examinations and Hot Issues Webcast 4.00/TX
7/18/19 Monthly Accounting and Auditing Update for Non-Issuers Webcast 2.00/AA
7/19/19 Auditing Not-for-Profit Entities: Superior Skills for an Effective and Efficient Audit  Webcast 8.00/AA
7/19/19 Key COSO Concepts: Managing Risk to Achieve Your Business Objectives Webcast 4.00/AA
7/19/19 IA Module 8 -- The Internal Audit (IA) Activity Quality/Excellence Continuum!  Webcast 4.00/AA

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