A Small Step for Every Member – A Giant Leap for Our Profession

 – July 10, 2023
A Small Step for Every Member – A Giant Leap for Our Profession

As you reach out and support your accounting network with achieving their goals, consider how much more long-term gain will be derived from their involvement in NJCPA membership. A world of opportunity and experiences will open up for them. At the same time, the NJCPA’s community will gain a new collaborator, New Jersey’s accounting profession will become a stronger voice in State Legislature and that new member will likely pay it forward with guiding their peers and mentees to success. 

A full circle of this growth cycle begins with the small step of referring someone to NJCPA membership where they can build their career, connect with like-minded people, become a subject matter expert, advocate, innovate and lead.

Zachary B. Cohen, CPA, senior manager at CFGI and chairperson of the Emerging Leaders Council, markedly understands the importance of encouraging his colleagues to join the NJCPA. For five years, Zack has been actively involved in NJCPA committees that focus on career advancement for young professionals. 

“The number of professional connections and friends I’ve made since becoming a member has created opportunities that have taken my career to places I could never have imagined,” says Zack. He pays these benefits forward by referring membership to his colleagues. Last year, as part of the NJCPA’s Member-Get-A-Member (MGM) program, he referred four new members, and he was the big winner of the prize drawing for a $100 gift card. 

What was Zack's approach? “In an effort spread awareness of our firm around the state, I noticed many of my co-workers who live in New Jersey were not members,” he shares. “Through the MGM campaign, they were able to become members and share in the same benefits and value I get.

The MGM program resulted in dozens of new members last year. Through the encouragement they received from existing members, these new members are already on a path to building collective success with their professional society. With the expansion of membership qualification in Affiliate membership category (including accounting and finance professionals who work with CPAs, those who lead or own licensed CPA firms, and accounting educators), there are more people who will benefit from NJCPA membership than ever before. And vice versa: existing members benefit from fresh perspectives and ideas of Affiliate members.

Every member can help continue the growth cycle of NJCPA membership — from student to seasoned CPA, and the success of New Jersey's accounting profession. 

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