The Importance of Networking From a Self-Proclaimed Introvert

By Erin Cheever, Project Manager, Boomer Consulting, Inc. – November 9, 2016
The Importance of Networking From a Self-Proclaimed Introvert

As a self-proclaimed introvert, networking has never been my strong suit. But in the accounting profession — or any other profession — networking is critical for professional growth and success. Without networking, we miss out on crucial opportunities for advice, connection, mentorship and sponsorship.

As the common core of Boomer Consulting communities, networking has proven its importance and ability to accelerate a firm or individual to the next level. As we approach our Boomer Technology Circle Fall Meetings, I thought I would share from my experience the reasons networking is such an important tactic in the accounting profession today.

Building Relationships

Relationships are important! Whether personal or professional, we all need the connections that networking creates for us. It propels us to success. With the right people in your networking circle, you can create a trustworthy, dynamic group that wants to help each other succeed.

Networking Is Internal and External

When it comes to sharing ideas and experiences, I benefit the most from realizing my networking can come from internal as well as external situations. At Boomer Consulting, we network on a daily basis. Some might call it collaboration. It is the theory that ideas flow. People work together to help each other with problems and solutions. Relationships are built. Discoveries are made.

Networking Is Not About Selling

What is networking not? Selling. A large part of my realization about the benefits of networking was getting past the fact that it is not selling and it is not all about business. My background is not in the accounting profession, so I was often intimidated about talking to accounting professionals about those topics or ideas. But by looking at the conversation as a way to create a relationship and get to know an individual on a personal basis, it became easier and more natural. I took selling out of the conversation, and it took the pressure away.

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Working at Boomer Consulting has given me more opportunities to network and I have learned that I can turn networking into a confidence-building tool. Instead of networking being something I fear, I now look forward to getting out of my comfort zone to meet new people. The more occasions I am placed in, the stronger I feel and the more benefit I get out of it. By thinking of networking as a positive tool, it has helped me realize my potential for growth.

Follow Up

One of the most important aspects of networking for me is the follow up that occurs once you leave the meeting or conference. One can network to their heart's content in person, but after the meeting is over and everyone goes home, now what?

As part of my MasterMinds Pros Group for Project Managers, I have made it a habit after each meeting to send a follow-up email to thank everyone for a great meeting. This starts the conversation up again and allows people to comment back, get your updated contact information and opens the door for them to reach out if they want to chat. We also meet as a group quarterly to talk about things we have been doing or any new tools/software we have started using. The follow up afterward allows us to continue our conversations online. Beyond the face to face networking, our discussions never stop.

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Erin  Cheever

Erin Cheever

As a project manager for Boomer Consulting Inc., Erin Cheever plans, organizes, secures and manages resources for the firm's many service and program areas. Along with providing assistance and constant communication with clients and sponsors, and serving as an event liaison, her primary duties include overseeing and managing the specifics of CIO Advantage, CEO Advantage, Consulting, P3 Leadership Academy, and the Producers Circle.

Reprinted with permission of Boomer Consulting, Inc.