What’s With All of the Credit Card Surcharges?

December 5, 2023

Have you been charged an extra 3% at your local restaurant when you pay by credit card? Credit card surcharging and cash discounts are becoming more and more prevalent. But what are the rules around these programs, and how can businesses make sure they’re compliant? Eric Cohen, CEO of Merchant Advocate (an NJCPA member benefit provider), sheds some light and provides guidance.


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Don  Meyer

Don Meyer

Don Meyer, CAE, is the chief marketing officer of the New Jersey Society of CPAs, where he is responsible for setting the vision, strategy and direction for the organization’s marketing, communications and membership campaigns and for driving the success of a deep and broad swath of organizational initiatives. He can be reached at

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Eric  Cohen

Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen is CEO of Merchant Advocate, financial consultants that help merchants save money from the credit card industry. Merchant Advocate is an NJCPA member benefit provider.

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