Volunteering at the Community FoodBank of New Jersey: A Win-Win

by Patrick Cleaver, CPA, Meisel, Tuteur & Lewis P.C. | December 4, 2023

Helping out at the NJCPA’s annual volunteer day at the Community FoodBank of New Jersey ahead of Thanksgiving was a success on many levels. The NJCPA has been associated with the FoodBank for 14 years.

At the FoodBank, we were told that we would work as a group, packing pasta. The group was led to a room in the warehouse that had many large boxes of different pastas. We put on hairnets and gloves to avoid contaminating the food. After receiving instructions, we were split into three larger groups, each group assigned to a different type of pasta and their own workstation. Those three groups were then split into smaller groups, organized by the job they performed. A group of people put labels on bags. Another group of people scooped pasta in those bags. Then one person put the bags into a box (16 bags per box) and taped it with a label, indicating that it was finished. I had the pleasure of boxing up the bags of pasta. About an hour and 45 minutes later, we cleaned the tables and swept the floor, leaving the warehouse ready for the next group of volunteers.

Packing this food before Thanksgiving was amazing. Through our combined efforts, we packed 2,304 one-pound bags of pasta, which will contribute to 1,920 meals for individuals in New Jersey.

Giving Back

As a CPA and a member of the NJCPA, it is my privilege and duty to help others. CPAs are leaders and the NJCPA strives to equip and empower New Jersey’s accounting and finance professionals to thrive in their careers. Assisting others and extending help to those who need it is a big part of thriving in one’s career, as well as one’s personal growth. As CPAs, we are always there to assist our clients during business hours. Similarly, we should assist those in need when we are not billing for our services. Opportunities like this demonstrate the NJCPA’s commitment to that mission.

The experience, my first group volunteering event with the NJCPA, was gratifying and fulfilling.  I look forward to the next opportunity and urge my fellow accountants to take part in giving back.

Patrick  Cleaver

Patrick Cleaver

Patrick Cleaver, CPA, is a senior accountant at Meisel, Tuteur & Lewis, P.C. He is a member of several NJCPA interest groups and can be reached at pcleaver05@gmail.com.

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