How Working Mom CPAs Can Survive and Thrive

by Aditi Shah, CPA, senior tax accountant, Cullari Carrico, LLC | February 28, 2020

Working mom! How many times have you heard this? You know you are a working mom when your mind seamlessly transitions from remembering to change a diaper on your way out the door to strategizing about tax savings for your multi-million dollar client as you are driving to work. As a senior certified public accountant at Cullari Carrico, LLC, I work on individual and business tax returns, compile financial statements, perform review services and serve as a member of the quality control committee. My day consists of juggling an active infant and a non-stop toddler, to managing endless deadlines, to remembering to reflect new regulations in my prepared financial statements. 

As a professional, you are passionate about your career by making sure you are on your A game during a meeting, but all of a sudden your watch buzzes with a call from daycare. You leave to answer and come back to a meeting that is wrapping up where someone else has shined and you sit back and nod in agreement to what they are saying. It feels like another missed opportunity because life as a working mom has gotten in the way.  

No matter what anyone says or what any “superwoman” portrays, being a working woman isn’t easy. No matter how advanced society has become, the majority of the time it’s women who are the “mental worriers.” Have you ever heard a dad talk about their kids’ bowel movement? 

As a mother, you want to do it all without feeling guilty. Feeling guilty because instead of baking, you sent in store-bought goodies during a school holiday party or you couldn’t do happy hour at work where new clients would be discussed.

You want to do it all and rightfully so...and with the right boundaries, work-life balance may be achievable!

It’s apparent that there is no one way to do it, but here are few things to keep in mind:

  • Schedule out your week, day and hours. This forces you to stay on track with little room for distractions.
  • Work with your employer for a mutual flex hour work schedule. It may be not be possible to reach the office during early hours, but hopping on remotely after kids’ bedtime may be more productive.
  • Set scheduled times for check-ins. It’s impossible to turn off your mom brain at work, but instead of checking in with the caregiver at random times, this will help more.
  • Disconnect. It’s difficult to disconnect from work even when you are home...but set boundaries to focus separately on family and work. This could be not spending more than a predetermined time on work at home.
  • Ask for help!! It’s okay to say no to a project or hire help at home. Even superwomen need help to function sometimes!

Aditi H. Shah

Aditi H. Shah

Aditi Shah, CPA, is a senior tax accountant at Cullari Carrico, LLC. She is a member of the NJCPA Federal Taxation Interest Group and the Student Programs & Scholarships Committee.

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