NJCPA Member Logo

The NJCPA Member logo is a visual representation of your membership in the New Jersey Society of CPAs.

Show off your membership status by displaying the "NJCPA Member" logo on your website, on your letterhead or on your business card.

Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure a quality representation of your membership in the NJCPA.

  • Minimum Size
    To ensure the legibility of the logo the minimum recommended print size of the horizontal logo is .75 inch in width.
  • Resizing
    The logo must be resized proportionally. To achieve this, first hold down the shift key, then grab one of the corner handles and drag to the desired size.
  • Color
    Pantone 7483 C and 640 C are the colors of the color version of the logo. For black and white, one-color or reverse logos, use the provided black and white logo.
  • Format
    The logo is provided in black and white and color, and as EPS for print and PNG for electronic applications.