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Friday, January 22, 2021 Live Webcast

Ethics: Every Choice Has a Consequence (X2-16272)

12:30 PM - 2:30 PM EST

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2.0 CPE Credits in BE


We have all made what we thought were ‘small’ decisions that had a HUGE result. Gary Zeune, CPA will ask Gallagher how his ‘immaterial’ choices sent him to prison.


CEOs, CPAs, bankers, executives, internal auditors, regulators, controllers, CFOs, attorneys, compliance officers, risk managers


What you will learn from this interview:
  • How easy it is for ethical people to make unethical choices—and what to do about it.
  • The impact of life’s choices and how that affects your performance, both personally and professionally.
  • Real-world practical examples of how to use ethics and integrity to create success in business and life.


Here are a few things you will learn from Gary and Chuck:
  • Did Chuck's partners miss any red flags that he was stealing
  • How 99% of CPAs rationalize illegal behavior
  • Is your software installed ethically
  • How “If I only knew now then what I know now” applies to you
  • The risk of tax fraud from non-financial information
  • How some socially acceptable behavior can be unethical for CPAs
  • How a county water department was inadvertently unethical 
  • VW shows how easy it is to circumvent control systems
  • How 7 city hall employees didn’t use their rational brain
  • Rationalizing is like wet cement
  • Gallagher paid the money back, so was it unethical
  • How the boss’s behavior infects some other employees
  • How Chuck used trust to continue his unethical behavior
  • The 3 ‘legs’ of your ethics stool
  • How client controls at Chuck’s firm would have stopped him
  • Chuck was an ERISA specialist. How that affected his sentence.








Gary Zeune

Gary Dean Zeune, CPA

The Pros & The Cons

Gary Zeune is a nationally recognized speaker on fraud and auditing. More than 20,000 professionals have attended his classes since 1975. He has taught for the FBI, U.S. Attorney, bar and CPA associations, international accounting firms, Institute of Internal Auditors, hospitals and health care companies Institute of Mass Retailers Associations, Spring Manufacturers Institute, The SEC Institute, National Association of Securities Dealers, American Society for Industrial Security, Treasury Management Association, Grant Thornton, Quanex Corporation, National City Bank, among others.


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