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Wednesday, June 14, 2023 Live Webcast

Opportunities in the Metaverse for Accounting and Other Professionals (X1-MSV2-2023-01-WEBNR-165-01)

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

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2 CPE Credits in SK


It is no secret that accounting firms, like many other organizations, have begun launching operations in the metaverse. For those unsure, the metaverse is a digital or virtual space where participants simulate a host of activities ranging from shopping to entertainment and business transactions.


Anyone in the accounting or financial service professions who seeks to gain a better understanding of how the metaverse operates and opportunities within the metaverse for professionals


  • Understand how professionals are utilizing the metaverse
  • Be familiar with strategies for participating in the metaverse
  • Recognize how metaverse real estate assets are approaching real-world values
  • Understand how metaverse and blockchain interrelate
  • Be familiar with the growing list of big businesses entering the metaverse
  • Understand the similarities and distinctions in various metaverses
  • Recognize emerging taxation issues in the metaverse


  • Understanding what the metaverse is and what it is not
  • How to access the metaverse
  • Why accounting and other professionals should use the metaverse
  • Where accountants can find their space in the metaverse
  • How the metaverse is changing the way we work
  • Ownership opportunities in the metaverse
  • Work and taxation in the metaverse






Jason Cornell

Jason Cornell

Jason Cornell is an experienced civil litigator with over 14 years of experience working in areas of automobile negligence, products liability and wrongful death. As a commercial litigator, Jason has represented a wide range of high-profile clients, including Hess Energy, Morgan Stanley and NBC Universal. Jason’s litigation experience also includes representing the bankruptcy trustee for one of the largest bank failure cases in U.S. history. Prior to practicing law, Jason worked for several years as a senior claims representative at one of the nation’s largest insurance companies. Jason brings an impressive range of insight and understanding on how insurers and corporate defendants value and litigate personal injury claims. Prior to joining Clark Fountain, Jason was an equity partner at an AmLaw 200 law firm. Jason previously served as editor and lead author of the South Florida Trial Practice Blog and the Delaware Corporate Bankruptcy Blog. Jason is a contributing author to Clark Fountain’s blog, writing on issues relevant to automotive defect litigation. During his career, Jason received awards for pro bono work representing dependent and neglected children, as well as his for his commitment to mentoring young attorneys. Jason previously served on the board of two nonprofits, one providing therapy services for children on the autistic spectrum and another advocating for grandparents who have custody of their grandchildren. Jason is a member of both the Florida Justice Association and the Palm Beach Justice Association.