The Power of CPA

The Power of CPA

CPAs are the real heroes when it comes to protecting the financial health and vitality of individuals, communities, companies, and economies. They bring experience, accuracy, innovation and integrity to the companies and clients they work for. CPAs are the backbone of the business world and irreplaceable.

A CPA license is much more than proof of an accounting education, it proves an ongoing commitment to excellence through continuous professional training, upholding best practices and complying with a code of ethics.


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The Power of CPA


CPAs Are Essential for Business Success

Contributing to the company’s international growth has always been exciting.

Kathleen P. Bloch, CPA, MBA, CFO of CytoSorbents Corporation, fills her days with more than preparing budgets and analyzing costs. She discusses how to help save patients’ lives with a blood purification device that her company manufactures.

Working in data science and analytics helps improve the patient and customer experiences, as well as drive revenue and cost improvement opportunities.

Sasha Pailet Koff, PMP, CPA, CGMA, senior director at Johnson & Johnson, knew data and analytics would be the wave of the future in accounting.

CPAs are helping companies become greener and more accountable with environmental, social and governance (ESG).

Jennifer Burns, CPA, AICPA chief auditor, says, “CPAs are uniquely qualified, based on their understanding of their clients, to enhance the reliability of ESG-related disclosures.”