3 Key Take Aways from the NJCPA 2019 Annual Convention & Expo

by Puiman Chan, student, Stockton University | June 14, 2019

I was delighted to be among a group of Stockton University accounting students that joined three accounting professors at the NJCPA 2019 Annual Convention & Expo on June 12 at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City. Business leaders and public, corporate, and non-profit professionals in a variety of industries were in attendance.

I believe it was an effective convention which offered a wide range of opportunities. It inspired us to make goals for an accounting career and helped us build professional connections, gain educational experiences, and extend our knowledge of resources.

I came away from the conference with new insights and inspiration, such as: 

  • Expanded knowledge: The conference expanded my knowledge about future career paths, personal branding, the value of networking, and the meaning of becoming a future CPA. It was very inspiring to be in the presence of a successful group of CPAs and financial professionals who gave me fantastic insights on what skills a CPA should possess, how leadership plays an important role in it, and where the accounting profession is going in the future.
  • Enhanced educational experiences: Attending the convention was critical to enhancing accounting students’ educational experiences. At the conference, I heard from other CPAs and financial professionals about up-to-date industry trends and new information in accounting, taxes, and technology.
  • Professional growth: The day I attended consisted of a networking lunch, two keynote speakers and interesting information sessions. Attendees could choose from a list of information sessions that fit our own personal and professional interests. My fellow peers and I attended several of the sessions, including those that focused on professional development.

Attending the convention was a great experience for students since it motivated us to maximize our potential and immerse ourselves fully in the community. Students tend to think about the accounting community as a place to find resources, when in fact it is much broader and richer than that. As students, we found a way to learn and grow out of the classroom. For the CPAs in attendance, they had a chance to increase their awareness and engagement with the NJCPA.

Puiman  Chan

Puiman Chan

Puiman Chan is a student at Stockton University, an NJCPA scholarship recipient and a student ambassador for NJCPA.

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