Why I Joined the Student Ambassador Program

by Puiman Chan, student, Stockton University | May 28, 2019

The NJCPA student ambassadors are the student members who volunteer throughout the year to help with membership development. We help guide accounting students, serving as a connection to the society by recruiting prospective student members through various NJCPA events.

Being an NJCPA student ambassador is about having fun and creating new and exciting ways for accounting students to interact with the NJCPA society, but it is also about developing professionally and getting involved in the society. I took on the responsibility of serving as an NJCPA student ambassador and look back on what skills I’ve learned. I can confidently say serving as a student ambassador this year was a great way to hone some of my skills, which include: 

  • Team Building: To create an NJCPA information session or presentation for the students, my team works to create different and appealing flyers, which helped us to gain a better grasp on marketing events to students.
  • Event Planning: As an NJCPA student ambassador, I was able to plan events on campus and work with other E-board members to do so. Throughout the semesters, we were able to accomplish planning and promoting the NJCPA events. Along with this, I learned a lot about the NJCPA society and planning of events and that it takes time and multiple steps to achieve the end goal. I had the ability to practice and master these skills through helping plan events throughout the entire academic year. These skills can be transferred to any academic or professional event that I could potentially plan in the future.
  • Being Creative: The structure of the NJCPA ambassador program is incredibly flexible, allowing us to pursue our creative ideas. Unlike our academic experiences, we are not provided a rubric or given an assignment, but instead encouraged to develop an event and think outside of the box. The most interesting aspect of my role as a student ambassador is brainstorming events at Stockton University that accounting students would want to join.

The ambassador role is not only an important and unique responsibility, but also a way to meet new friends, make an impact on prospective students, and add valuable experience to your resume. If that’s not enough, the NJCPA periodically recognizes the top ambassador with prizes and other honors. Take a look at the student ambassador program and consider volunteering during your time as an NJCPA student member!

Puiman  Chan

Puiman Chan

Puiman Chan is a student at Stockton University, an NJCPA scholarship recipient and a student ambassador for NJCPA.

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