CEO Compass - Winter 2021

by Ralph Albert Thomas, CPA (DC), CGMA | NJCPA CEO and Executive Director | January 6, 2021

There's No Going Back to Normal

"Five years' change in six months" is a common slogan for the pandemic. The disruption has upended the world in countless lives and jobs lost, so it’s only natural that we would want “normal” to return.

When will we get “back to normal?” It has become a well-worn phrase that lawmakers, the media, experts, even family, like to lean on — an ultimate, elusive prize.

Now, as we’re almost a year into the pandemic, we need to stop talking about getting back to normal and start imagining the “next normal.” An obsession with what the world looked like before and getting back to that will keep us from seeing what lies ahead. Change itself has always been normal, and going backward has never been a good business strategy.

So, what’s the best way to move forward? Some of you have already started — you’ve become nimbler and more adaptive during this crisis and continue to look ahead as you develop new ways to serve clients and customers, work with potential business partners and retain staff. Others may need more assistance.

At the NJCPA,we’re excited about helping you do better right now. We’re starting every conversation from a place that encourages creativity and problem solving.

Over the past few months, we didn’t lose sight of our mission to bring members together. That was definitely easier a year ago, but we have and will continue to figure it out. Going forward, look for more online opportunities through our new digital platform that makes it easier to host a variety of webinars. Also look out for more thought-provoking Open Forum conversations as ways to stay connected, a new TechTalk Podcast and informative news, articles and blogs.

So, give up on the “return to normal” and be what you can be today and be incredibly proud of that. Understand and create what a good normal is for you and your company right now.

As 2021 begins, we thank you for making the NJCPA your professional home, and we wish you and your loved ones a year filled with professional and personal growth, opportunities and promise.

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