CEO Compass - Fall 2020

by Ralph Albert Thomas, CPA (DC), CGMA | NJCPA CEO and Executive Director | October 7, 2020

Almost every day, a member will ask me, “When are we going to meet in person again?” It’s a question I ask myself every day and, unfortunately, there are no easy answers.

While we all must adhere to the state-mandated limits on indoor gatherings, we know that room capacity is just one factor in running a face-to-face event or meeting. Will members feel comfortable returning to large indoor gatherings? Do we need temperature checks and hand sanitizer at the doors, and will attendees wear facemasks and stay six feet apart? How much can we reasonably ask of our members, volunteers, speakers and staff? All these questions have social, legal and even political answers.

There are also business considerations. In a recent survey of New Jersey C-suite executives, more than three-quarters of respondents said that business changes made in response to COVID-19 will become permanent. Eighty percent of respondents said that they believe more than a quarter of their employees would continue to work remotely in the future.

At the NJCPA, we’ve reinvented our meetings to accommodate members’ needs by turning face-to-face events virtual.

We hope you find them valuable and engaging. Here are a few highlights of upcoming events:

And we’ve partnered with state societies across the country to bring new programs:

While I’m proud that our members, staff and organization have risen to the challenge of providing virtual programs with new technology, the undeniable truth is that associations such as the NJCPA are based on connections. It’s why people join: to find their people and their place, and to benefit from being with like-minded individuals who share a common purpose and interests. COVID-19 threw a major wrench into togetherness, as we all know. It also magnified how important community — every aspect of it — really is.

Until we do meet in person, stay connected and reach out to us. We value your input at

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