Participate in New Jersey's Future: 2017 Affordability Summit

 – August 11, 2017
Participate in New Jersey

Two years ago, more than five hundred business and political leaders came to New Jersey’s first-ever Business Summit at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City. During this two-day Summit, the leaders discussed how they could work together to solve key issues thwarting our state’s economic growth.

Out of that Business Summit came action. We saw the estate tax eliminated, the sales tax reduced, many unneeded regulations abolished and the Transportation Trust Fund replenished in a fiscally responsible way.

Many of the organizations involved in the Business Summit — including the NJCPA — formed Opportunity New Jersey, a coalition dedicated to promoting action to make New Jersey more competitive and more affordable for everyone.

Now that New Jersey is in election season, there are a lot of proposals being discussed in Trenton and elsewhere that would roll back the positive economic progress we have seen in these past few years.

Opportunity NJ wants to make sure the major party candidates for governor, as well as all candidates running for our Senate and Assembly in both parties support common sense fiscal policies that help grow New Jersey’s economy. Add your voice to all of those who want to see New Jersey’s leaders maintain the economic gains we have made and build on them.

Join us on Monday, September 18, at New Jersey’s first-ever “Affordability Summit.” It will take place at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset. Registration will begin at 8 a.m.

You will have the chance to hear from some very prominent speakers and be part of the discussions about how our state leaders should address the key issues still facing our state. There is much to be done if we are going to secure the economic health of our state.


To help offset the cost of the event, there is a $50 registration fee.