NJCPA Automatic Membership Renewal Terms and Conditions

By opting into the automatic membership renewal program with the New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJCPA), the enrolling member affirms that he/she has carefully read, understands and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Terms and Fees. By turning on automatic membership renewal, you authorize NJCPA to charge your credit card on file for your membership dues and scholarship contribution (if applicable) once each year. (See Section II for details about payments and billing.)
    • Membership Category. Your membership will be renewed at the same membership type most recently associated with your account. You may change membership types at any point during the year and will be responsible for any fees associated with the new member type.
    • Membership Dues. Membership dues may change from year to year. Automatic membership renewals will be charged at the then-current rate.
    • Scholarship Contributions. If you elect to make a recurring scholarship contribution, the contribution amount will be charged at the same time as the automatic membership renewal for the contribution amount you selected. You have the ability to update, turn on or turn off your scholarship contribution at any time during the year.
    • Membership Terms of Service. All NJCPA memberships are valid from June 1 to May 31 of the following calendar year. Membership renewal dues are not prorated.
    • Payment Dates. On or about June 1, NJCPA will initiates automatic renewal charges. (See Section IV for information on notifications.)
  2. No-Refund Policy and Termination. All payments made via automatic membership renewal are nonrefundable. You may turn off automatic membership renewal at any time, but all payments made prior to turning it off are nonrefundable. In the case of unauthorized payments made using credit cards belonging to the member’s institution/organization/company (hereafter “Institution”), a representative of the Institution may contact NJCPA to dispute the charge within 45 days of the transaction for review. After 45 days, disputes regarding payments made on Institution credit cards will not be honored.
  3. Methods of Payment and Credit Card Terms. You authorize the NJCPA to process an automatic once-yearly recurring payment to NJCPA from the credit, debit or bank card you have on file with the NJCPA. Any automatic recurring payment method or renewal authorization will remain in effect until withdrawn by the member or terminated by the NJCPA.
    • Payment Form. The NJCPA accepts credit and debit payments from VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. If paying using a credit card that belongs to your Institution, you represent that you are an authorized user of said credit card. In the event that your authorization to use the credit card ceases, you are responsible for removing the credit card information from your NJCPA account and replacing it with a different payment method.
    • Billing Information. You are responsible for maintaining true, current and accurate billing and payment information in your membership account in order to facilitate automatic membership renewal payments.
    • Currency. All payments must be made in United States dollars.
    • Unpaid Balances. If NJCPA does not receive payment from your credit, debit or bank card issuer or its agent when automatic renewal charges are initiated, you agree to immediately pay all amounts due including late fees upon notice from the NJCPA. If attempt(s) to collect payment fail, NJCPA at its discretion will terminate your membership and you will forfeit any benefits associated with membership. If you fail to renew your membership at a later date, NJCPA will turn off your automatic membership renewal.
    • Membership Resignation/Termination. If you resign your membership or your NJCPA membership is terminated in accordance with NJCPA Bylaws section 1.5, your automatic membership renewal will be turned off.
  4. Contact Information and Notifications. The NJCPA will send email notifications about pending automatic membership renewal charges at least 30 days in advance of June 1 to the primary email address associated with your membership account. You are responsible for maintaining a current email address that is capable of receiving NJCPA emails as the primary email address associated with your account. Your inability to receive NJCPA emails is not grounds for a refund.

Questions regarding these terms or conditions should be directed to the NJCPA membership department at 973-226-4494 or membership@njcpa.org.