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Tuesday, April 13, 2021 Live Webcast

Negotiating Unmasked (X1-NEGU-2021-01-WEBNR-103-01)

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

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2.0 CPE Credits in MT


Negotiating Unmasked is intended to provide participants with a practical approach to negotiating. Negotiating should not be thought of as hidden knowledge, nor should there be any mythology surrounding it. This program will analyze the components embedded in negotiating and will provide tips and tools for superior results. This program should prove to be beneficial both for participants who feel uncomfortable with the process and for more experienced negotiators. Participants will be provided with a recipe for successful negotiating to be complemented and accented by each participant’s own special mix of style and expertise. The discussion leader will illustrate this analytical framework with a sprinkling of war stories based on his extensive experience. The goal of Negotiating Unmasked is to demystify the process. Participants will be presented with an analytical framework that will reduce concerns about the process and allow them to concentrate on the subject matter of a negotiation.


CPAs and attorneys who want to become better negotiators.


  • Understand the process and art of negotiating
  • Analyze the component parts of negotiating
  • Position yourself for success
  • Take practical steps to improve results


  • Unmasking negotiating,  revealing the true face of negotiating
  • Going beyond theory, buzz-words and hype
  • How to define “success”
  • Identifying the rational and emotional elements of negotiating
  • Understanding the larger context surrounding a negotiation
  • Analyzing the decision to negotiate; the costs of negotiating
  • The pros and cons of how you negotiate
  • Establishing procedural rules for a negotiation
  • Negotiation as a team activity
  • How to gain control of a negotiation
  • The hardest thing to negotiate
  • On-the-fly and extended negotiations
  • Contract as negotiating tool or impediment
  • Negotiation as relationship building








Eugene Grace

Eugene Grace

Eugene Grace currently serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for Crederian Fund Services LLC, an administrator for hedge funds and other investment partnerships. Previously, Mr. Grace served as in-house counsel to major financial institutions including investment advisers, banks and broker-dealers. Mr. Grace served as a legal or business executive for Warburg Pincus Asset Management, PNC Financial Services Group and United Jersey Banks. Mr. Grace operated an office for the private practice of law for three years.

Mr. Grace has extensive experience in negotiating contracts and other matters. He has negotiated numerous agreements relating to electronic software, hardware, telecommunications and related services. Mr. Grace has lectured on the topics of contract negotiation, risk management, disaster recovery and copyrights for various professional associations, including the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the National Automated Clearinghouse Association and Penn State University. Mr. Grace served as the Chairman of the Philadelphia Bar Association Committee on Computer Law and testified before the Pennsylvania legislature on computer crime.

Mr. Grace holds a B.A. and M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania in International Relations and a J.D. from the Villanova School of Law. Mr. Grace is a licensed attorney in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New Jersey. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association.


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