Be a Seminar Moderator

Moderators are used at half, full and two-day seminars to facilitate the sign-in process and ensure the meeting runs smoothly. With more than 200 seminars run throughout the state each year, moderators are an essential part of the NJCPA’s ability to successfully execute these programs. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Print and bring moderator package to seminar
  • Confirm all participants sign the roster and indicate any late arrivals or early departures
  • Ensure the meeting runs smoothly or notify the NJCPA of any issues
  • Email a copy of the roster and ship back all original moderator package paperwork to the NJCPA

Why moderate?

  • Save more than 40 percent on your registration fee per CPE meeting
  • Interact with national discussion leaders
  • Network with fellow participants as they arrive

Sign Up


Contact Rosmarie Scafati via email or 862-702-5622.