Future-Ready Skills and Strategic Competencies Training

Keeping your skills relevant and adapting to changes in the workplace should be a top priority. The following training will future proof your career and help you build competencies in five key areas: anticipation, communication, collaboration, leadership and strategic thinking. 

Each four-hour course is grouped by competency, and each competency includes a basic, intermediate and advanced level course. This future-ready framework helps you master these skills to avoid becoming obsolete.

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Strategic and Critical Thinking

Clarify your business strategy and make more effective decisions.

9/16/19Critical Thinking for FinanceRoselandBasic
9/17/19Strategic Roles for FinanceRoselandIntermediate
9/26/19How to Move from a Financial Expert to a Partner and Strategist to the BusinessRoselandAdvanced


Learn to communicate more clearly with customers, coworkers and managers.

10/17/19Key Concepts of Powerful CommunicationRoselandBasic
10/18/19MBAexpress Financial Storytelling: The Key in Growing Your Organization to the Next LevelRoselandIntermediate
10/23/19Listening For Leaders: Ask the Question, Discover the Need, Win the TrustRoselandAdvanced

Anticipating and Serving Evolving Needs

Learn to see changes before they happen and adapt your business strategy to meet challenges.

11/12/19Going Darwin: Why Self-Evolution is the Key to Future SuccessRoselandBasic
11/19/19Get Ready for the Fast Future and Future Trends WorkshopRoselandIntermediate
11/22/19Anticipate Change: Avoiding Ulcers in the New Abnormal WorldRoselandAdvanced

Integration and Collaboration

Build strategic alliances and work together to find multi-disciplinary solutions.

12/16/19Value of Collaboration – The Art of Relationship ManagementRoselandBasic
12/17/19Thriving in Chaos: How to Lead and Collaborate in a VUCA WorldRoselandIntermediate
12/18/19Conflict and Communication – You vs. Me vs. ThemRoselandAdvanced


Learn to navigate uncertainty, motivate others and drive performance.

1/15/20Leadership from a Slightly Different PerspectiveRoselandBasic
1/16/20Key Concepts of Leadership StrategyRoselandIntermediate
1/17/20At the Helm in the Storm: Seven Survival Strategies for Leaders in Turbulent TimesRoselandAdvanced