Morris/Sussex Chapter Congratulates Long-Time Members

 – March 7, 2022
Morris/Sussex Chapter Congratulates Long-Time Members

The Morris/Sussex Chapter Board of Directors is very pleased to acknowledge the chapter’s NJCPA members who have reached 25 and 50 years of membership this year. 

Please join us in congratulating:

50-Year Member

Kevin Langan, CPA

25-Year Members

Larry J. Boyd, CPA
Corey S. Brozyna, CPA
Mark P. Cantaluppi, CPA
George Casagrand, CPA
John A. Cook, CPA
Anthony J. Cucciniello, CPA
Paul D'Aloia, CPA
Kim E. Forrester, CPA
Carla Frick Holusha, CPA
Glenn A. Friedrich, CPA
Lisa Gibbons, CPA
Scott T. Karnas, CPA
Maria E. Magdalinski Rankin, CPA
Douglas McCabe, CPA
John P. McIntyre III, CPA
Richard V. Miseo, CPA
Charles J. Mizejewski, CPA
Colleen Murphy Smith, CPA
Karl A. Neulinger, CPA
Michael J. Petruzziello, CPA
Stephen Piekarz, CPA
Jill L. Quigley, CPA
Victoria A. Scalera, CPA
John T. Sheridan, Jr. Lois C. Thorne, CPA
Connie L. Tirondola, CPA
Virginia L. Varga, CPA
Nicolo Visaggio, CPA
Heidi Wohlleb, CPA
George J. Yager III, CPA