Impress with Words: 5 Quick Language Tips to Add WOW to Your LinkedIn Profile Now

 – November 1, 2021
Impress with Words: 5 Quick Language Tips to Add WOW to Your LinkedIn Profile Now

Are you hoping to impress clients, prospects, partners, candidates or hiring managers? Your LinkedIn profile is rich with the opportunity to do just that. The language and wording you select for LinkedIn may have a bearing on who finds you as a starter. It also has the power to create a first and lasting impression on every profile viewer.

1. Identify Your Voice

First, are you aware that you have a “brand voice?” Assuming you agree that you have a personal brand, the next step is to think about your voice. How do you come across? Some people come across as overly boastful or salesy. I strive to be known as a helpful expert who is client-focused. The language you choose to describe what you do will form impressions every time. Make sure your brand voice is precisely what you intend it to be.

2. Write in First Person

Secondly, you may have a profile written in the third person now. Can you imagine me writing my profile starting with “Sandra Long….” Well, neither can I. Therefore, I always recommend writing in the first person tense to make the profile more compelling and story-like. Yes, I want to make it sound interesting to the reader. I want my tone to be friendly, non-boasting, helpful and personal, so the first-person is key to that strategy. Try writing a compelling essay that focuses on how you help clients, solve problems or highlights key learnings, instead of a summary of accomplishments that are already listed throughout the rest of the profile.

3. Use Keywords

What about keywords? I am sure you know about keywords for your website. The good news is that the LinkedIn platform has extensive search capabilities as well. People may be looking for “Accountant” or “CPA” in the LinkedIn people search, and you want YOUR profile to appear!

Searching on Google is not always the same as on LinkedIn. For example, a Google search might be “Help with taxes” or “Reduce tax bill,” while a LinkedIn search is likely “Accountant” or “CPA.” If you have a unique specialty or focus for your business, be sure to add that additional language as well. Be as specific as possible with your keyword selections. Perhaps you might add the word staff, project, cost, forensic or management in front of the term accounting or accountant.

Keywords are not only relevant to a search; they also impact your brand impression. Try to use them naturally and not just apply awkwardly. They should also be an accurate reflection of you, your experience and your brand. Consider what you want to be found for and what you want to be hired for. As you evaluate your keyword options, be aware that there are many variations of phrases and words.

4. Leverage Power Words

Use client-oriented and robust action verbs and metrics on your profile, especially in the Experience section. Instead of describing your work as “responsible for accounting services,” consider using more powerful verbs such as advising, creating, planning, developing or launching. Be careful of adjectives such as motivated and passionate, which are overused. The strong language will be more attractive to your prospects.

5. Polish Your Text

Finally, make sure your descriptions include complete sentences and paragraphs. Yes, lists can be very effective, but you want to lead into your list with cohesive and comprehensive introductory wording. Many LinkedIn users add sentence fragments or snippets. Take a few minutes and position all the sections of your profile with complete descriptions. I always like to remind my clients to create white space around their writing for a polished look. Follow this by utilizing spelling or grammar software so that you can feel completely confident.

Language is power. Be authentic, accurate, specific and truthful. Use the amazing tool of language to differentiate yourself, be found and create the very best digital impressions.

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