If You Know Congressman Tom Malinowski, We Need Your Help

 – July 20, 2021
If You Know Congressman Tom Malinowski, We Need Your Help

Do you know Congressman Tom Malinowski, either personally or professionally? If so, we need your help — and it’ll take you practically no time at all.

The NJCPA plays a critical role advocating the views of the profession to members of the New Jersey Congressional Delegation. One of the most powerful methods we use to do this is through direct contacts made by CPAs who have existing relationships with lawmakers. If you have a relationship with Congressman Malinowski, we urge you to join our Keyperson Program.

Being an NJCPA Keyperson is simple. Approximately once a year, we'll ask you to communicate the Society's position on an issue to the Congressman. You don't need to be an expert on the issue. We provide you with talking points, sample letters and anything else you'll need to briefly let him know how the profession feels about a particular issue. And NJCPA staff is available to answer any questions he or his staff may have.

Please contact Jeff Kaszerman at 862-702-5610 or jkaszerman@njcpa.org to sign up as a Keyperson for Congressman Malinkowski.