30 Under 30: Then and Now

 – March 15, 2021
30 Under 30: Then and Now

Ten years ago, we named a group of young NJCPA members to our inaugural “30 Under 30” list in recognition of their leadership, success and drive. We recently checked in with them to see what they’ve been up to since 2011. In this first in a series of updates, here are five past 30 Under 30 Award winners who continue to inspire us today. Look for more updates in upcoming issues of New Jersey CPA.

Brad Caruso, CPA, CFE

Partner at Withum

A speaker at the NJCPA Nonprofit Conference for several years, Brad is noted for becoming a leader in Withum’s not-for-profit niche and developing/expanding its infrastructure as well as mentoring and developing staff. He is also well known for starting and publishing more than 20 episodes of Withum’s Civic Warriors, its not-for-profit podcast. Brad notes that having the ability to make quick decisions and accepting the consequences of those decisions without overthinking them is a leadership skill.

Sarah Krom, CPA

Managing Partner at SKC and Co. CPAs

The friendships from almost two decades of involvement with the NJCPA and the opportunities for growth and leadership have had a huge impact on Sarah’s professional development and personal growth. Her two biggest career accomplishments in the last 10 years have been making managing partner of her firm and serving as president of the NJCPA for the 2018/19 term. She’s discovered that continuing to learn has to be part of any plan, and listening is key to successful leadership.

Sean Marikakis, CPA

Partner at KPMG LLP

The NJCPA provides a community of people with whom Sean can interact and share meaningful relationships. That’s important since he would tell himself back in 2011 to focus even more on relationships as they benefit not only one’s own career but others’ as well. Sean’s journey towards making audit partner at KPMG in its Metro New York audit practice involved serving several great clients in a variety of industries and places. Looking back, he would have liked to have had a healthier work/life balance years ago.

Anthony Mezzasalma, CPA, CFP

Partner at Mezzasalma Advisors

The NJCPA has supported Anthony in his continuing education and networking. Over the past 10 years, Anthony became a partner and was able to successfully identify and acquire another firm from a retiring practitioner which helped to exponentially grow his book of business. Obtaining the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) credential enabled him to offer a comprehensive tax and investment/financial strategy to clients. He wishes he pursued it earlier.

Eddie L. Rivera, CPA, MST

Partner at Citrin Cooperman

Eddie’s first professional position was a job posting he replied to in the NJCPA JobBank. From there, he never looked back. With support from his wife, Eddie built an internal tax department from the ground up and assisted in the rebuild of the accounting department at one of the largest private real estate companies in the New York metro area. He also made partner at the age of 33. Under­standing psychology and communicating effectively are important skills he wishes he learned earlier.

This article appeared in the Spring 2021 issue of New Jersey CPA magazine. Read the full issue.