How CPA Exam Review Courses Measure Up

By Philip Sookram, CPA, Saint Peter's University – July 8, 2019
How CPA Exam Review Courses Measure Up

When preparing to take the CPA Exam, the first step before you start studying is to choose a CPA Exam review course. While all CPA review courses offer similar content, each provider has unique features. Each provider in the table below offers discounts during certain months as well as monthly payment plans. Also, each provider offers a discount for those who have failed using a competitor’s review course, and most will offer a discount if you become a campus representative for their review course.

Each review course offers similar sam­ple exams, multiple choice questions and task-based simulations. When comparing course content, there are a few questions to consider before selecting a specific review course. 

  • Is the review course only a self-study, or are there live classes offered?
  • Can it be accessed on a mobile device when that mobile device is not connected to the internet?
  • Are you a visual learner or an audio learner?
  • What length of time will you have access to the review course content? 

The answers to these questions will better direct you to the course that fits your needs. Each review course allows a free trial to test out their product, which is a great option to take advantage of.

Good luck on your journey towards be­coming a CPA. Pat yourself on the back for taking the first steps. Remember, it always seems impossible until it’s done. 

Surgent CPA Review Becker CPA Review Yaeger CPA Review Wiley CPA excel Roger CPA Review Gleim CPA Review Fast Forward Academy
Package Name Ultimate Pass* Becker Bundle* All-Access Bundles* Platinum Review Course* Elite Course Package* CPA Review Premium* CPA Smart Bundle*
Price $2,899 $3,987 $1,589 $2,800 $2,999 $1,999 $1,549
Discounts Available? check website check website check website check website check website check website check website
Monthly Payment Plan Available? (Interest rates vary) (No interest, 18-month payment plan) (Interest free upon inquiry) (No interest if fully paid within six months) (Interest rates vary) (Interest rates vary) (Interest rates vary)
Pass Guarantee/ Money-Back Promises? CPA Exam Pass Guarantee (read website for guidelines) Becker Promise Policy (read website for guidelines) But there are course access extensions available for those who fail a CPA exam (read website for guidelines) x Money Back Guarantee (read website for guidelines) (read website for guidelines) x But you will be provided with personal assistance from a coach who will create a study plan and guide you on areas of weakness (read website for guidelines)
Discount available if previously failed a CPA exam using another competitor's review course? 50% discount 50% discount 25% discount 50% discount 20% discount Up to 20% off 20-25% discount
Student Ambassador/ Campus Representative Program x
Unlimited access until you pass x Access up to 24 months if needed
Free trial duration 5 days 21 days No expiration 14 days 2 days Unlimited access to the first study unit of each section 14 days
Platform types Self-study only 1. Self-study 2. Live Online Classroom, and 3. Live Classroom Self-study only 1. Self-study, and 2. Live Online Classroom Self-study only Self-study only Self-study only
Platform access Online only Online & offline Online only Online & offline Online & offline Online only Online only
Access on handheld/mobile/smart device? (with connection to internet or Wi-Fi only) (with connection to internet or Wi-Fi only) (with connection to internet or Wi-Fi only) (with connection to internet or Wi-Fi only)
Separate Mobile App (flashcards only) x x x
Audio x x x
Personalized Study Plans
Customer and Technical Support
Incorporates AICPA CPA Exam Blueprints
Separate Final Review/CRAM Course x x x x
Free Content Updates
Questions (Multiple Choice) 7,250+ 7,000+ 4,300+ 12,000 6,200+ 10,000+ 5,000+
Questions (Task-based Simulations) Near 400 400+ 160+ 540+ 400+ 1,300+ 120+
Video Lectures 350+ hours 100+ hours 100+ hours 140+ hours 120+ hours 100+ hours 80+ hours
Practice Exams *Additional Practice Exams are available on
Printed books
Electronic books
Flashcards (Online/Digital) (2,200) (1,400) (2,000) (4,000) x x (Digital Flashcard Creator)
Flashcards (Printed) (1,050) (1,000+) x (1,000) (200+ terms) x x

Philip  Sookram

Philip Sookram

Philip Sookram, CPA, MAcc, is assistant professor in the Department of Accountancy & Business Law at Saint Peter's University. He is a member of the NJCPA, is an appointed member of its Emerging Leaders Council and participates in the Student Programs & Scholarships Committee and Cannabis Interest Group. He can be reached at

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