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Majority of CPAs Do Not Favor Having a Public Bank in New Jersey, says NJCPA Survey

Posted: December 4, 2019
The idea of having a public bank in New Jersey does not sit well with 85 percent of the CPAs recently polled.

NJCPA Welcomes Jetpack Workflow as a New Business Services Provider

Posted: December 2, 2019
NJCPA members can now save on Jetpack Workflow, a workflow management system that helps CPA firms manage deadlines without tasks falling through the cracks.

NJCPA Announces 10 CPA Exam Fee Lottery Winners

Posted: November 20, 2019
The NJCPA has awarded 10 aspiring CPAs with $750 each towards their CPA Exam fee costs.

NJCPA Opens Job Site for Accounting Interns

Posted: November 18, 2019
The NJCPA has opened a job site to connect accounting firms, businesses and organizations that have accounting internships available in New Jersey and surrounding areas with students looking for an internship.

NJCPA Accepting Applications for Student Scholarships

Posted: October 29, 2019
The NJCPA, which has one of the largest scholarship funds in the state, is accepting scholarship applications from New Jersey high school seniors and college accounting majors.

NJCPA Offers Disaster Recovery Guide to Assist Individuals and Businesses

Posted: October 25, 2019
Amid unpredictable fall and wintry weather conditions, the NJCPA has updated its Disaster Recovery Guide for New Jersey residents and businesses. The guide is a handy resource for replacing lost or damaged personal documents and recovering faster when a disaster occurs.

NJCPA Member Jose Borbon Graduates from AICPA Leadership Academy

Posted: October 21, 2019
The New Jersey Society of CPAs congratulates Jose M. Borbon, CPA, an assistant vice president and senior auditor at Kearny Bank, on graduating from the American Institute of CPAs' 2019 Leadership Academy.


NJCPA Supports Consensus Revenue Forecasting Bill

Posted: December 10, 2019
The NJCPA strongly supports Senate President Stephen Sweeney’s legislation that would create a three-person commission tasked with reaching a consensus on revenue projections for the state’s annual budget.

A Fiscal Reality: NJCPA and AICPA Support the Fiscal State of the Nation Resolution

Posted: October 15, 2019
The U.S. government’s balance sheet indicates that, over time, the nation has an accumulated deficit of $21.5 trillion. The Fiscal State of the Nation resolution would ensure that members of Congress are made aware of the information in the federal financial statements and helps them to better understand how current and/or future policy may affect the nation’s long-term fiscal health.​

A Plan for New Jersey Tax Relief

Posted: October 7, 2019
Three out of four New Jersey accountants seem to agree that when it comes to finding relief from rising business and personal tax obligations, the answer often is "anywhere but here." The Plan for an Affordable New Jersey calls for a comprehensive reform of our tax structure to restore regional competitiveness and a restructuring of our burdensome corporate and property tax rates.

NJCPA Supports Employer-Provided Student Loan Repayment

Posted: September 3, 2019
The New Jersey Society of CPAs supports the expansion of employer-provided student loan repayment benefits to help reduce the levels of outstanding debt for all generations in the workforce.

NJCPA Supports Path to Progress Legislative Package

Posted: May 16, 2019
The NJCPA strongly endorses the reform recommendations spelled out by the New Jersey Economic and Fiscal Policy Workgroup in its “Path to Progress” report and is pleased that many of the recommendations are now included in a sweeping new package of bills introduced by Senate President Steve Sweeney.

Most CPAs Are Telling Clients to Relocate out of New Jersey — Here’s How We Can Change That

Posted: May 6, 2019
New Jersey must break its destructive tax-and-spend habit by addressing the structural imbalances in its budget in order to put the state on sounder financial footing. The NJCPA supports policies that produce a fair tax system and economic growth so that companies and residents will stay in New Jersey and thrive.