CPA Week - Nov. 6-12, 2022

Feel the Power of CPA

New Jersey CPA Week is Nov. 6-12, and we're taking this opportunity to call attention the countless and diverse career opportunities for certified public accountants (CPAs). As the backbone of the business world and the real heroes when it comes to protecting the financial health and vitality of individuals, communities, companies and economies, CPAs are essential and perform rewarding work.

Career possibilities for CPAs may be far from what you imagine. Many CPAs work in accounting firms and enjoy varied assignments with a wide mix of clients, but CPAs also work in any and every kind of business and industry — both public and private sectors. They are some of the most important decision makers in their organizations and for their clients. They may analyze business systems, improve operations and directly advise on strategic plans; they may investigate financial crimes on behalf of their clients; or they may help people manage their personal finances. A CPA's education, experience, examination and ethics lay a solid foundation for a successful career in accounting and finance.


The Facts About New Jersey CPAs


Where will the CPA designation take you?

  • Audit
  • Financial Forensics
  • Information Technology
  • Business Valuation
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Tax
  • Management Accounting

Begin your journey!

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